About Us
The foundation of International Book Distributing Co. was laid by Shri Diwan Chand Gomber by the graceof Mahaprabhu Shri Hanumanji in the year 1977. He opted to serve nature’s faculties like Veterinary Sciences, Animal Husbandry, Agriculture, Horticulture and other related fields. Over the years, the company has excelled to become a trusted name in the aforementioned fields.

Over the years the company has also entered into the distribution of books in various other fields such as Management, Engineering, Pharmacy, Social Sciences etc. The company has earned its impeccable reputation due its timely service and effective customer relationship.

Subsequent to the establishment of a strong distribution network, a Publishing Division by the name of IBDC Publishers was established in the year 1993. For more than a decade IBDC Publishers has been fully committed to the publication of erudite information of the highest quality, and today this remains the primary goal. This unit has been satisfactorily serving its customers ranging from the students to the instructors and the scientists with its text books, reference books, handbooks and monographs, ranging over 600 quality titles.

Later, in the year 1999 the Greenworld Publishers was setup with the objective to reprint rare and legendary publications which were either unavailable in the market or losing their sheen. The Greenworld Publishers has been instrumental in restoring some internationally acclaimed titles on the aforementioned subjects.

The successful history of book publishing paved the path for the company to diversify into the field of Managerial Sciences, Engineering Studies and Pharmacy through the formation of Word-Press in the year 2008. The Word-Press publications are customised to match the Uttar Pradesh Technical University syllabus and the Uttarakhand Technical University syllabus. The books are being welcomed and widely adopted by the student community. In its short span this unit already has some successfully running text books and reference books to its credit.

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Suneel Gomber
Sushil Gomber